Your HVAC system, whether you have a furnace, AC unit, heat pump, or ductless option, is often one of the most frequently used systems in the home. The climate in the Riverside, CA, area often requires constant temperature control to keep a residence comfortable. Experience these benefits when you schedule expert HVAC tune-up services at least once a year.

Boosted Energy Efficiency

Over time, your HVAC system will lose its efficiency due to dust accumulation, worn-out parts, and strain. This normal wear and tear forces your system to work harder to heat and cool, increasing your monthly utility costs. During a tune-up, an expert technician will clean away particulates and search for damaged components. They’ll also complete essential care routines like checking your refrigerant level, lubricating moving parts, tightening bolts, and replacing filters.

Fewer Repairs

Many common HVAC issues start small and won’t initially make a noticeable difference in your system. You may hear a slight change in how your equipment sounds or how often it kicks on. Without maintenance, this issue will be left to worsen over time, until suddenly your system won’t respond to your thermostat. Tune-ups minimize your need for repairs as well as the risk of complete breakdowns.

Greater Comfort and Airflow

Enjoy improved airflow and temperature control all year when you maintain your system’s efficiency. Many check-up services also include inspecting your ductwork and thermostat. You won’t have to worry about hot and cold spots in your home or excessive humidity if you opt for services such as repairing cracks in your ducts or servicing your blower motor to promote better air output.

World-Class Heating and Air Conditioning

Innova Heating & Air is a family-owned HVAC company with many years of industry experience in Riverside, CA. Our trustworthy technicians are ready to take care of your repairs and tune-ups, in addition to your HVAC system replacements. We’re a one-stop-shop for all HVAC services, whether you require air purifiers, UV lights, or a maintenance plan. Call Innova Heating & Air today to schedule an appointment.

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