Regular maintenance enables your HVAC unit in Riverside, CA to maximize its efficiency. Your system runs the danger of having reduced energy efficiency, decreased performance, and more significant energy costs if you skip the annual tune-up.

Increased stress on the system may also result in a shorter life span and more frequent repairs. The health of your HVAC system should improve with regular maintenance. You should include the following tasks in your routine HVAC maintenance.


The HVAC expert will begin by examining your equipment. You can schedule a single visit to get everything serviced or separate visits for the AC and furnace. No matter when it is finished, there will be an inspection. At this point, the technician will search for wear and tear signs.

They will examine other air conditioner parts, including the drain pans and refrigerant levels. In the case of a furnace, they will look over the motor, compressor, and other components to ensure everything is in working order.


While cleaning an HVAC system, a few things must be done. It will be necessary to clear leaves, dirt, and debris off the outside units. You’ll also need to clean your filter. Then, numerous HVAC system components, including the condenser coils, drain lines, drain pan, and evaporator coils, will need to be cleaned by a professional.


There are a few replacements that can be made while performing maintenance. The air filter needs to be changed every month or three months. Belts and pulleys are two components that can quickly wear out and may need to be changed.

Lubricating Moving Parts

HVAC systems have several moving parts in circulation units, fans, compressors, and other components. These parts will start to deteriorate due to friction if there is insufficient lubrication. The technician will lubricate these components to ensure smooth operation.

Call Your Trusted HVAC Contractor

You may avoid repair emergencies by using a trustworthy HVAC provider for your system’s maintenance, like Innova Heating & Air in the Riverside area. Our company offers thorough maintenance that covers everything on the checklist above. We are always available to examine your HVAC system or set up a contract for regular maintenance. Regular upkeep will keep your house comfortable. Call us now for more information. We also offer heating and cooling installation and repair services.

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