There are many ways to heat your Riverside, CA, home, but few are as efficient as using a heat pump. In summer, heat pumps have functionality similar to central air conditioners. They draw warm air from building interiors, pass it over their cooling coils, and cycle it back indoors after its heat has been extracted. In winter, consumers can toggle their heat pumps’ reversing valves to switch the direction of airflow. If you intend to use a heat pump this winter, read on to learn more about how these units function in cold weather.

Refrigerant for All Heat Pump Operations

Much like air conditioners, heat pumps rely on refrigerant for heat transfer. Their outdoor compressor units pressurize refrigerant to alter its temperature and pump it throughout buildings. In summer, chilled refrigerant within the heat pump’s evaporator coil absorbs the heat from warm indoor air. In winter, cold refrigerant absorbs heat from the outdoor air. In both cases, conditioned air is routed into the living environment, hot refrigerant releases its heat and condensation, and excess moisture is routed down a condensate drain.

When Do Heat Pumps Struggle in Winter?

In ideal conditions, some heat pumps have efficiency levels of 300% or higher. These systems are so efficient that they produce three times as much heating and cooling energy as they consume in electric energy.

However, given that heat pumps source heat from the outdoor air in winter, their performance declines whenever outside temperatures plummet. Some heat pumps may not be able to warm building interiors at all. This is especially true in areas with winter temperatures that dip well below freezing.

Riverside Has the Perfect Climate for Year-Round Heat Pump Use

Riverside has the perfect climate for using a heat pump year-round. With winter temperatures that rarely drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, this region offers ideal operating conditions much of the time. Even if you choose a mid-efficiency or entry-level heat pump, your equipment should be able to keep your living space warm and comfortable without driving up your energy bill.

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